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Holy Conversation - Topic: Mental Health

Sang Yun Nelson, LCS - Guest Speaker

Sang Yun Nelson, LCS, will guide in a conversation focused on mental health.  In the 21st century, we certainly have a far better understanding of mental health issues and are more compassionate to persons who live with them than previous generations.  Perhaps it is because “those” persons are you and me, our siblings, our spouses, or our children. Yet mental illness, in its myriad of forms, still has the taint of being something about which one should not talk . Why? It’s embarrassing to the person who suffers from it or their family.  There is discrimination against the person who suffers.  There is still the hint of “if you could just pull it together” or “be stronger, ” one can will one’s self back to health.   So despite our improved understanding, there is still much for us to learn about how we can take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and even the stranger.  Come and worship. Come and learn. Come and grow in your faith.


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