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Saturday October 7, 2017

Lend YourHands!

This year GPC members and friends are invited to join congregations in the larger community and participate in Hands on Kirkwood. Hands of Kirkwood is a day when all residents are

encouraged and empowered to serve their neighbors. Every year new organizations, clubs, individualsand churches join in the network.  Bringing together people of various races,

beliefs, cultures, and perspectives to serve our community cultivates a spirit of cooperation and unity. Your hands make a difference!

There are several ways GPC will participate in this Day of Service.

Winter Clothing Drive—Now is the time to clean out your closets and donate your gently

worn clothes:  coats, slacks and trousers, blouses and shirts, adult and children’s clothing

are all desired.  Please drop off your donation here at GPC. We will collect clothing through September 24th.

Sign Up to Serve—Volunteers are needed for all sorts of projects and abilities and ages throughout the community.  Here are just a few volunteer site examples:  Winterize Car Check Station, Winter Clothing, Toy and Book Store, Home Projects.  There are many more to choose from as well.   Our goal is to have 30 individuals participate on October 7th!

You may sign up in a couple of ways:

           Go online or to Facebook “Hands-On-Kirkwood”

OR You may sign up here at GPC on September 10th (at the picnic) using a paper registration form.

Baby Blanket Station—This is GPC’s project.  We are hosting the Baby Blanket station. 

Volunteers from around the community will gather at this location to sew baby blankets.  Kathy Foresman and Sonia Kesselring have the lead on our project site.  If you would like to participate specifically at the GPC project site, please register, either online or paper. 


HOLY CRAFTS will meet on Friday, September 8th at 10 am at GPC to work on cutting fleece for baby blankets to be assembled on Saturday, October 7th for Hands on Kirkwood Baby Blanket Station. All hands are welcome!




Project Dessert Sunday

Every 3rd Sunday, September 17 / October 15 / November 19 / December 17 / January 21

Bring can goods or cash to church on these Sundays and you may just take home a delicious dessert! For each can good, or dollar donated, you will receive an entry into the drawing. All donations will be contributed to the Webster - Rock Hill Food Pantry.  The winner will be drawn during Coffee Fellowship.


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